Sunday, July 5, 2009

Snafu - Technology Almost Wins

After a wonderful 4th (and I would post photos if I could, and that's what this story is about) I went back on my mission to get what I needed to upload photos. Here's Friday's tale of woe: I could not find the chip adapter for the chip in my phone to upload pics onto my dear little computer. I looked in all the knitting bags because I was positive it was in one - even took things out and dumped project bags looking - four or five of them. Bit the bullet, went to CVS and bought another for 17.98. Then got home only to find my digital camera deader then a door nail - battery drained because it looked as if battery door was not closed completely. No big deal - just get a new battery right? Went back to CVS bought what I thought was the battery (OK I even had the battery with me but couldn't bother to look at it - I know you've been there so take that smirk off), got home, battery way too big. This was yesterday when I was on the battery hunt on the 4TH after a late knitting session at Border's. Just got home from BestBuy. Guess what? Even though my camera is very nice it's 4 years old. A 23yr old informed me that one year is considered the generation of a camera and that they probably A. don't make the camera anymore, (fur shur) and B. they don't make the battery either. ha, ha.
She started showing me more cameras that started at $109.00 and went up. I need a new battery you know, not a new camera...
I have a feeling this will continue. I'm about to search on the web...I'm going in, wish me luck. What if I put up an old picture of an apple pie or something?

Ok - apple pie on top; scene from Cooks' Forrest (one of my favorite woods in the world!) to the right -

Good news is that I spent 2 hours knitting with Crazy Becky -
She was doing cross-stitch using a beautiful wooden frame to hold her work and she also has the biggest kick ass floor loom I've ever been up close and personal to...I knitted, we drank coffee and we had a very nice time: that was BBB (before Best Buy).

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  1. I love this story of how you conquer the battle of the batteries. Yay! Go Cate! And the apple pie picture is perfect every time. What's not to like!


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