Thursday, July 16, 2009

Off and Running; Things are looking up...

OK I think we are now going to have pictures that makes sense with the entries: Had the 20 something manager of AT&T store show me how to send pics from phone camera to computer! Gone are the days of poor quality phone cameras - this here one has more pixels then my digital. That's my KAL summer sweater to the left here...After July 31 it goes to the bottom of WIP and Taos winter sweater comes out!

But here's the knitting news: Had a good knit group last night. Debbie and Colleen visited to knit and Bev finally made it after the care and feeding of dear Arnold! (Who by the way checked up on her last night-did a drive by- they've been married for 40yrs? How cute is that?)

Picture of us last night, except me of course, but I've changed my feet picture for one of me knitting so you know I exist.

Next, Colleen's reversible cable scarf that she's doing in Heavenly bought at Stitch, Piece and Purl our LYS where we meet. The scarf is wonderful!

Here's Bev's amazing technicolor shawl that she's doing in Rhythm by JoJoLand. Amazing yarn - this is all one dye lot! Sitting to the right of Bev is Debbie knitting socks from Cookie A.'s book, "Sock Innovations." She was able to take the workshop with Cookie last month that I missed... Also in bottom right corner is my KAL sweater! Ribbing is Berrocco Pima (don't like-splits to hell and back) and the transition yarn is Ty-Dye which is pricier but oh what a difference. Good yarn in pima cotton! Did I tell you I hate knitting sweaters in cotton? Smile Bev, it's only knitting! (Ah well maybe way advanced knitting...)

Here's another what I call DebbieSock:

This is also from Cookies's book. The red one is fab and I think both of these are done now.

There's a lot more to talk about but this has taking longer then I expected and I have to get ready for the weekend at Autumn House Farm. Spinning, dying, knitting, meeting a beekeeper...Iz goin' ta heaven!

PS Julie made stitch markers the other night: gold rose bead with red beads and gold holder. You can imagine how nice. She wants to attach 2 with every skein she sells of her homespun. She'll be ready to sell her amazing homespun in a few months from now...stay tuned.

Next: Julie's homespun, The Heartland Shawl, Beading.

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Yarn over: term used by knitters to create holes in lace knitting. I live next to the Cuyahoga Falls River and I imagine thousands of strands of yarn crossing the river and falls...