Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where Were We?

Well now we have reached the end of January and I've not updated for several months and am greatful for the friends and knitters who have said, "So what the heck is going on here? Brain gone numb?" "Too much snow?"
Pouring coffee at the restaurant last week, talking to Rick the photographer.
"Oh thank God, January is almost over." Me
"Yeah there's only one thing worse then January." Rick
"What?" Me
"February." Rick
"Ohio." Me
"You love it." Rick
"I love snow. Not so much 48 days w/o sun." Me
"So go get some new light bulbs. Use brighter yarn." Rick
So that's the deal girls and boys. I'm using brighter yarn - pictures later (promise - I'm inspired)
What else can I say? Keep creating. Keep writing, fixing, drawing, knitting, photographing, eating chocolate and thinking. Do not for any reason give in to January.
Use bright yarn...write haikus, put new toner on your face, buy lipstick, eat scallops in a light lemon sauce, drink lots o' coffee or tea or a blue drink while laughing with a girlfriend and thin about me, in Ohio, using brighter yarn.

There it is! Lynn's Christmas Sock. The last knitted Christmas present to be shipped. Not bad. Finished Sunday night. That's us, knitting to terrific music and good coffee at Border's, Sat. night.
Nice "Yummy" yarn in blueberry - great hand dyed colors and specks. Good knitting, no splits, a little twisting but a good amount of yarn left over for the "Sock Blankie" project. Or might send it on to "Warm Up America." Must have been 420 plus yds.
Top pics:Crazy Becky's side yard, my house, big ice, my Duffy dog having fun...


  1. Yay!!!

    You are definitely asking the wrong girl about headers and sidebars. I have been begging Emily for weeks to help me with a new header. It just takes me so darn long. I don't have the time to mess around at the moment.

    There are a few things I do know. It looks like you tried to change photo size and go left and right. For now, I would just stay with the large photo and stay centered. I do not know how to adjust text for photo changes. Are you using the minima template? I hear that's the easiest to mess with.

    Not sure why there is so much room between your posts. You must have just entered too many times.

    All in all it's a good start.......yum, bluberry socks!!

  2. Cate, you inspired me! I don't know how to knit, but you said "write haikus" and so I did (http://dailykitticarriker.blogspot.com/2010/01/haiku-for-family_24.html).

    And I just love the Prancing Pup Photo! That little Duffy, in his beautiful red collar, looks like he's all ready to pull Santa's Sleigh! And the way you captured those bright red berries in the photograph -- perfect!

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Yarn over: term used by knitters to create holes in lace knitting. I live next to the Cuyahoga Falls River and I imagine thousands of strands of yarn crossing the river and falls...