Friday, October 30, 2009

End of October: The Start of Christmas Knitting

This is how I've been feeling lately! Just one stitch short of a full row.

Knitting at Angel Falls Coffee Shop in Akron Ohio. Knitters meet Friday nights, 6.30pm til... In photo: Dave, Lisa, Debbie.

In this photo: Christine, Dave, Lisa, Chris. Intense knitting! ...and coffee, tea and cakes and cookies!

We went back to Autumn House Farm three weeks ago. Lynn, one of the editors for this blog, flew in from Philadelphia and drove with Julie B. and I to the farm. It was perfect and I have to figure out how to add the link to all the pics we took. More yarn, roving and good food and beautiful scenery was more than wonderful. Restful Shepherd's Inn kept us knitting, spinning, crosstitching and the quiet was awesome: No TV, computer, phones, videos, radio, etc. Lynn thought we should have brought a radio; after all, how would we know if a tornado was coming! She said that it was for listening to PHC (Prairie Home Companion) but since she's a weather junkie, I knew why she wanted one!

I bought some beautiful hand spun and hand dyed yarns. I'm making a vest from one of Autumn House Farms patterns and I'll take pictures of it as soon as my camera starts to behave again. Becky suggested today to use duct tape rather then buying a new camera but I'm getting tired of having the blog tied up to the whims of my camera and I've always had a good camera since the 70's (yes, I'm that old!) so I miss not having one I can rely on.

OK, here we are. It's already the end of October. In fact tomorrow night we are all going to turn into pumpkins and have to change our time - yet again. Can't they just leave the time alone? But no, soon I'll be walking my dog in the dark at 4.00 P.M. Sigh.
It's been very warm this past week for this time of year. Today it went up to 76 degrees. But because I live in Ohio, I know that any minute, any hour, any day we will get that cold blast that's going to come down off Canada and across our lake. Those Canadians are sneaky bastards. Frostbacks. They want us to get cold and buy their wool. Yeah that's it.
So the heart of this rant is that now is a good time to line up any Christmas gifts you want to knit or get out those that you thought about in March (when you should have started.) Oh I even know some of you have your knitting almost done - Donna Marie... being one. But I also know one of you has beaded scarfs, hand warmers, leg warmers galore to finish. So what are you doing there sitting and reading this stuff? Get knitting!
Let's see: I have two neck warmers done, one scarf, one sock, one mitten, one half of a scarf all WIP. Oh right, there's Scott's scarf that I started 3 yrs ago I should try to finish!
Good luck all.
PS: So maybe I don't have the knitting done but I bought my Christmas stamps at the post office this week and four more boxes of cards to add to the 17 boxes I have in my studio/yarn room (that I can hardly walk through...) And I got my Halloween cards out and one Halloween gift, so there! OK I'll go knit now...


  1. Sounds like you're doing a better job with Christmas prep than I am! I'm hoping to make Nick some kilt hose, and Maura a hat/scarf, and my mother...well, *something*, but what have I started? None of that. Bad knitter.

  2. Do something mystical on All Souls Night:

    "Come, knit hands, and beat the ground,
    In a light fantastic round."

    -- John Milton (from Comus)

  3. I categorically deny any interest in the weather, other than as experienced in Lake Woebegon! I just wanted to hear a monologue that DIDN'T involve: wool, yarn, knitting, spinning, patterns, needles, etc for a few minutes. So stab me with a #8 Turbo!


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