Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where Did the Month Go?

This is Ms. Mimi with the big paws who is holding an expensive ball of bulky baby alpaca! I'm making neck warmers for Christmas and thought this would be perfect close to the neck. Mimi also thinks she would be perfect!
Where did the month (6wks!) go? I had decided to do some other projects so put the blog on hold and now am back full time and with weekly updates. Sorry to all who've emailed and face booked me about its updates. Nothing gets my dander more then going to my favorite sites and nobody has updated for awhile. Harrumph. Never again. If I can't get to it, I'll have a staff member do it.
Lynn and Kite are always on the ball. Me, I'm in the yarn.
Tomorrow - new stash. Deadly.

To go with Neruda's sock poem I thought that I would also add another of Debbie's socks. Her socks are so amazing. We are telling her she has to enter the "Socktober" contest at Stitch, Piece and Purl. I don't have a pic of her latest, but I do have one of the her etrelac. She usually knits on #ones: Debbie's socks - the best!

Reading Charts
Also I am teaching a Chart Reading Workshop at Stitch, Piece and Purl on Saturday, October 17 at 2.00 P.M. There's still some room in the group so if you would like to take your knitting to the next level and learn to read, write, and translate charts into pattern writing, join me. E mail me at catestitch1@yahoo.com and I'll hook you up. Bring needles, yarn for practice. I will provide knitter's graph paper (which is different from regular graph paper) and cookies.You will leave being able to read charts! Never again skip a pattern because of a chart...Also if you have a chart that is bugging you, bring it too.

October Mart and Needlework Show - Stan Hywet
Don't forget the Needlework Show and October Mart at Stan Hywet this weekend. Ran (a guy who really knits!) has two needlepoint pieces in the show and I'm excited to see them. This is the finest judged needlework show in this part of the United States. Stan Hywet, through the Needlework Guild has been a long time supporter of the needle arts.
Of course bring some moola for the Mart. Everything from Ohio and last year was a hoot. Yes I spent some money on Christmas presents, ahem. Also look for the stitching tent - good bargains. Last year I bought an encylopedia of stitches from the 1800's for 75 cents. Kite bought Christmas material for pennies.

Go knit. The other day I was thinking with Becky, that the whole world and life is about knitting... Thank you Beckers for bringing me back to knit speed. You can read about her knitting experiences in the book, "Zen and the Art of Knitting."

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  1. Yes, life is about knitting & unknitting!

    As Shakespeare says, "sleep knits up the ravell'd sleeve of care."

    Macbeth, Act II, scene ii


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