Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Knitters - Get Your Knitting Ready...

Well it's officially August...we don't really want to think about back-to-school clothes, lunches, lunch boxes, do you need new shoes again, who's driving the first week, and on and on about all those stupid reminders that summer is ending. What?! You haven't canned the tomatoes and peaches yet?
OK everyone - let's get our priorities straight. Even if you don't have kids going BTS, the feeling is in the air and at CVS, Walmart, you name it.

My number one priority: Put down that stupid cotton sweater I thought I'd have done by now and pick up something that makes sense...i.e. The Braids Cardigan. Using one of Autumn House Farms hand dyed yarn. DK weight, number 6 needle.
Oh what fun. Real wool in my hands again. (Not that I didn't have five other wool projects going but you know what I mean - A new project!)Started this last Sat. and struggled, I mean struggled with getting the first row knit. Setting up the pattern was, I thought for a while, beyond my mental capability to count that many stitches.

I know my attention span is limited but really-when you're counting 292 stitches with pattern and stitch markers, some of us are just a little slower...Stay tuned: I'm on row 3!

More WIP! Market Bags

Harriet at Autumn House (sorry I keep bringing up the same yarn company but their stuff is heavenly), asked me to knit a model for her to kit up for Rhinebeck. Here's a photo of mine and hers which both their handles put on and then Voila' I can start putting cheese and fruit in mine at the farmer's market at Lock 3 Saturday!
This is the one for Autumn House:
Cost of yarn $64.00 3 skeins each of two different colors.
Hand dyed silk, linen and cotton. When I asked Harriet if she realized how expensive the yarn she gave me would be for a market bag she pretty much said that at Rhinebeck they buy anything that isn't under the truck, having come from Manhattan for day, they like to grab fast things...

My bag is made out of cotton from Plymouth and is wonderful to knit with and about $18.00 for 3 skeins. I love this multicolored color combo. It makes me happy to knit. I love the other bag too.
My problem: which is your problem too I bet:whenever someone gives me a knitting deadline, I squirm and try to do everything, (I washed my bedroom curtains the other day...)but the commissioned knitting. Not a bad problem, those curtains needed a wash but now I have to leave the house to get this bag done.

Entrelac shawl is almost done... just finishing up the edging.

I fell in love with entrelac and can't wait to do more. This is after I said that the CIA could use learning this form as a means of torture to replace water boarding.
Red Sock that's been going on for ages - finally to the toe decrease and done! My friend Debbie from CF Knitters and Hookers (we meet Mon. nights at Panera- check Rav or ask me for more info)who knits beautiful socks (she's knitting through Cookie A.'s book) can whip up a pair in no time on size 0 needles. I love her socks. My red are done in a lace rib pattern from Box of Socks that I'm knitting through, in Soft Sea Wool, number 2 needles. I love the yarn. Almost as good as Koigu for socks. BTW sock lovers -- Koigu is coming to S,P&P this month. Keep your eyes open. I'll post as soon as I see it. The little red sock.

Debbie's socks!

It Up To Us...
So it's up to all of us now to let those sheep know that we will use some of the skillion skeins of wool we have stashed and start seriously knitting for, dare I say it, an Ohio winter! Or worse yet, Christmas gifts... Good luck knitters. To your needles.


  1. Silly Cate, the tomatoes aren't ripe yet! You can't put them up until September.

    (You can, however, make an awful lot of jam.)

    Your entrelac is gorgeous! I'd be interested, too, to hear how the soft sea wool in your socks wears. I did a lovely pair in green last year, but after maybe half a dozen wearings, they had gaping holes in the heel and sole, of all things--I hope that yours wear better than mine, because they're quite attractive.

  2. Don't remind me about school starting. I'm not ready! Well, I will be in a few weeks, but my brain doesn't want to wrap around that thought yet!
    I love your socks. Makes me want to finish mine, but that will be later. I want to work on Braids as much as possible, when I'm not involved in spinning marathons.

  3. Love that Shakespeare quote & your toes!


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