Sunday, January 31, 2010

OK Now It's Really Cold!

A few days later. I'm knitting but I have to keep putting my hands into my wood fire to thaw them. This might be the last thing I knit...a tea cozy. Whom am I kidding - we'll all be frozen stiff if this keeps up, or down and we won't worry about tea. Last night - wind chill minus 8 degrees. That's cold...

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  1. I feel like the backs of my hands will never be warm again, even though the heat is cranking away & there's a fire in the fireplace! Sometimes I sit here at the computer wearing fingerless gloves while I type -- like Bob Cratchitt, except he was using a quill & ink, not typing. Haha! Cate, do you ever make fingerless gloves? Ben's English teacher at St. Peter's was a knitter, and that was her specialty. She gave him a few pairs when we moved away.


Yarn over: term used by knitters to create holes in lace knitting. I live next to the Cuyahoga Falls River and I imagine thousands of strands of yarn crossing the river and falls...