Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ah Summertime, baseball and knitting...

It has been a banner weekend for knitting and playing! Friday night many of the knitters from Knitters and Hookers, Monday night group at Panera's went to see the triple A Aeros (Cleveland Indians farm team) play the Mets triple A in Akron. Gorgeous night - great ball - we won! And lots of good knitting. I have some pictures I haven't uploaded yet but I'll try tomorrow. I was able to knit on my red sock from the time I sat down until the top of the eighth inning.

Funniest thing:

My friend Julie and I got to the park which is just a dream park, Julie went to the ladies room and I saw an elderly usher standing doing nothing so I asked him where our seats were.

"These are handicapped seats."

"Umm where are our seats?"

"Over here." He points to an empty space next to two seats at the top of the first section.

"There are no seats here."

"There's space for your wheel chair."

"We're not in wheel chairs. We want regular seats. You have the row wrong or something."


"Well where do we sit?"

"Right there." ARRRGGHH! Julie comes out of bathroom and asks if anything is wrong.

"No. Don't. Ask. Him. Anything. Follow me." I found a nice stadium guy by the ticket box, he got us new tickets, let us keep our coupons for Chic-fil-a sand. and shake and we sat down.

Cheryl asked if we wanted to sit next to them and we said yes because no one was sitting there, but the usher kept giving me the evil eye and Julie said she was fine where she was and the usher kept staring at me so I stared back. Later when we were knitting, he came over and asked us if we noticed that we were now sitting in the shade and that was because he made the sun move. Really. I just knitted and nodded but Julie being a dear had a nice little conversation with the old badger.

Ohhhh. The fireworks at the end of the game were beautiful. Very zen - here and gone in a blink but so wonderful. They lasted for a good bit.

Tomorrow: Why do men make noise like moose?


  1. Cool! You took your knitting to the game! I often take along reading material but never thought of knitting!

  2. Clearly the usher-geezer had no idea *who* he was dealing with or how close he came to being "taken to lunch". Thank heavens for Julie....


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